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Browsing the Online Collection

There are a few ways to browse the Online Collection:

Collections Homepage

On the Collections homepage, you can browse the objects in our collection.

Original Exhibitions Page

On the Original Exhibitions page, you can browse current, past and upcoming exhibitions, as well as the objects from each exhibition.

View Collections

On the View Collections page, you can browse user-created collections. You can add your own collections to View Collections by creating an account on the Create Collections page, assembling your own collections, and marking them "public". You may also choose to make your collections private. See Create Collections.

Searching the Online Collection

Quick Search/Advanced Search

Enter keywords or names in the search box (Quick Search) to find objects or other records in our collection. To search on specific criteria, you can use the advanced search to search within certain data fields. You can search using multiple criteria, such as the term "portrait" in the title + a date range of "1800-1900". If you are not getting any results with advanced search, try broadening your search by removing criteria.

Search Tips
  • You can use an * (asterisk) as a wildcard in searches, to match partial terms (e.g. draw* will return results for draw, drawn, drawings, etc.)
  • Use quotation marks to get more exact results - e.g. John Doe will return any results with John or Doe, but "John Doe" will return results with this exact phrase.

Viewing Search Results


You can view a set of results in an image grid or list view. Use the dropdown to switch between different types of views.

Filter Panel

You can refine your search results by opening the filter panel and using filters to narrow down results. For example, you can filter to see only objects that have images within any result set. You can also clear each filter to revert to a larger result set, or clear all filters to get to your original results.

Collect Panel

Once you have created an account on the site, you can make your own collections and add objects to them. You can multi-select objects on each page by clicking the symbol that will open the collections panel. Click the "add" button to choose the desired collection and add the selected objects. You can also drag images into each collection to add objects.

Info Panel

The info panel, when available, contains additional information related to a search or set of objects.


Why is an image shown as not available?

An image may be shown as not available if it is not yet entered in our database, or if it cannot be displayed for copyright reasons.

Create Collections

Create Collections allows you to create your own collections from the objects available on this site. You can share your collections with others, or create groups of objects for your own viewing. (Create Collections are private by default.)

How Do I Use Create Collections?

To use Create Collections, you must first create an account with a username and password on the Create Collections page. Once you have completed registration, you can start creating your own collections and adding objects to them.

You can add objects to your collections by clicking on the star symbol while viewing objects and then selecting the desired collection. You can also open the Collect Panel and drag images into the collection you have created.

How Do I Share a Created Collection With Someone Else?

Marking your collection “public” will make it visible to others and display it in the View Collections section of the site. The option to mark a collection as public is available when you edit your collection.

You can also open your collection and copy the URL link to share these objects with others. You can open your collections by logging in on the Create Collections page and then going to the View Collections page, or by opening the Collect panel.

About the Collection

The NCSML collection features personal and household objects, fine art, tools, and much more. Each conveys the stories and lives of the Czech and Slovak families who came to the United States, and the history and culture of Czechs and Slovaks both in the United States and the home countries. The largest category within the collection is textiles, numbering over 5,000 objects. It is the largest and most comprehensive collection of Czech and Slovak ethnic textiles outside of the countries themselves, and ranges from simple household cloths to magnificent wedding folk costumes with intricate embroidery and beadwork. The online collection does not include the entire artifact collection. It is a work in progress as we continue to add objects with the goal to have the complete collection available to search.